Our Mission

Food is a Memory that Warms Your Heart.

We provide you flavorful cuisines served with attentiveness and creativity. The surprising and enjoyable dinning experience will make you feel like traveling around the world by just sitting in front of the table.

JT Food Service Corporation values at lots to give you the feeling of being at home, as we know only in the most relaxing and comfortable environment, our quests can experience the yummiest taste.

Whenever you think of us, you will recall the aroma of dishes, smiles around the table and the beloved persons sharing the happy time with you. It is our wish that all these precious memories would come to your mind.

We hope everyone who comes to our restaurants can feel the warmth of home and the surrounding pleasant atmosphere.

Through food culture, the whole world has been integrated together,
bringing us borderless laughter and pleasures!

-This is the mission we are committed to-